Let’s Eat (Korean drama) recap



Let’s eat is a 2013 Korean drama produced by TVN.



Goo Dae Young acted by Yoon Doo Joon (Leader of Beast) is an insurance seller. He has his own ways of dealing girls thus he has many female customers. He lives in a messy flat and always changes his clothes at his neighbour’s laundry shop. He is a true gourmet and has his own food blog. He always take pictures with empty plates. He is neighbour with Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon Jin Yi.


Lee Soo Kyung is a divorcee. She works in a lawyer firm and Kim Hak Moon gave her a hair clip 10 years ago but saw that Soo Kyung has given the hair clip to her hair. Few year later, she applied to work to work in Kim Hak Moon’s firm. Kim Hak Moon decided to hire her but torture her instead. Every time when she was stressed, she will take out a chocolate bar from her drawer and munch it. Initially, she could could not get along with her neighbour but after her neighour send her to the hospital, she started to open her heart to them. As her neighbour frequently go and eat together. She joined them as she like food alot. After finding out that Goo Dae Young was the blog’s owner that she frequently visit, she started to like him.


Yoon Jin Yi acted by Yoon So Hee has a cheerful personality despite her family being declared as bankruptcy, her father landed in jail, her mother went to America to live with her uncle and has to live to lead a frugal lifestyle. No matter how hard her life is, she always smile. She like Goo Dae Young because he always help her whenever it needed. She confessed to Goo Dae Young but was rejected by him and told her that he treat her like a sister. But, she did not give up and plan to confess to him during valentine day. She was upset when she realized that Lee Soo Kyung also like him.

Rating: 4.4
The drama talk about neighbours’ love and how they depend on each other. This show will definitely make you drool due to all the delicious food featured weekly.


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