Emergency couple recap



Emergency couple is a 2014 TVN drama.  A medical school student, Oh Chang-min, and a dietitian, Oh Jin-hee, fall in love and marry despite his family’s strong opposition. Chang-min comes from a family of wealthy, successful doctors; they think Jin-hee isn’t good enough for him, and after he marries her, they stop providing him with money. In order to earn money right away, Chang-min gives up his dream of becoming a doctor, and instead becomes a pharmaceutical salesman. He is miserable at his job, while Jin-hee’s inferiority complex deepens as her husband’s family continues to look down on her. They begin to fight constantly and eventually get a divorce. Six years later, Chang-min has gone back to med school to pursue his dream, while Jin-hee has also put herself through medical school. They end up as interns at the same hospital, where they’ll have to work in the emergency room together for three months.



Oh Chang Min acted by Choi Jin-hyuk is a medical student when he first met Jin-hee. They got married but divorced after a year. They met each other 6 years later at a friend’s wedding. They were shocked to see each other in the emergency room where they will work as intern for 3 months. Chang Min’s mother introduced  Ah-reum, one of his colleagues who is also an intern in the emergency room to be his girlfriend as she is the daughter of a minister.  Ah-reum like Chang Min but Chang Min rejected her as he was still in love with Jin-hee. Chang Min confessed to Jin-hee that he still like her but Jin-hee rejected because of their parents. 



Oh Jin-hee acted by Song Ji-hyo is abit of a troublemaker in the emergency department. She is often grateful to Cheon-soo, a staying doctor who often help her and guide her. Chang Min got jealous when Jin-hee hugged and bought a sweater for him. After Chang Min’s father passed away, Chang Min decided to stop wooing Jin-hee. This time round, Jin-hee chased after Chang Min and eventually, they got back together. 

Rating: 4.6/5

I started watching this drama is because of Ji-hyo because I am a running man. After watching the first episode, I realized Kim Won from “The heirs” also acted in this drama. To my surprise, Gary of running man also cameo in one of the episode and it was pretty funny. What’s make this drama unique is the “love line”. At first, I could not predict who Jin-hee will end up with. But, many people say that offical poster won’t lie so it mean that they will get back together. It was interesting though to see how the story progress.


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