Judgement Day

picLast week, I went to watch this movie – Judgement Day. I was anticipating for this movie ever since I watched the trailer. “What would you do if you are left with 72 hours”.

This statement was flowing in my mind. We tend to take everything for granted be it our family or friends. When we are left with limited amount of time, we then realized that there many things that we have not done yet.

In this movie, it is separated into four parts. The first part was a new anchor (acted by 柯佳嬿) cheated on her husband (acted by  黃騰浩) as she fell in love with her boss (acted by Guo Liang).  The second part was Rebecca wanted to go to Cambodia to find a well but her boyfriend (acted by Enlai) refused to go with her. The third part was a bribery case by a policeman. The last part was when Henry wanted to transform into a woman. However, after 72 hours, every one survives.

In my opinion, the movie is meaningful and it leave questions for me to ponder on. After watching this movie, I appreciate my family members and friends better. It also spur me on to do things that I wanted to do years ago but I always set it aside because I always give the same excuse – busy.

Rating: 3.5/5

The movie would be better if it did not end off by telling people that the world is really going to end after so many things. It just like how our primary school teachers also tell me not to end the composition by writing “It was just a dream”. This really minus alot of points.  I think that the director should give Julie Tan more acting scenes in the movie. Her screening time was way too short.