Can we love drama review



“Can we love” is a 2014 drama. It is a drama about love lives and careers of three women, who are in their late thirties. Jung Wan acted by Eugene is bubbly and forthright woman who divorces after ten years of marriage and moves in with her son to her mother’s house. Jung Wan’s friends; Sun Mi acted by Kim Yoo Mi is a single lady who own an interior company and Ji Hyun acted by Choi Jung Yoon is a housewife and mother of her teenage daughter and 5 year-old son. Things started to change when they entered into a new romance.




Sun Mi acted by Kim Yoo Mi own an interior company. She is a workaholic and perfectionist who expect her workers to be the same as her. Her workers find her mean and unfriendly. But one of her workers, Choi Yoon Suk acted by Park Min Woo is in love with her. Sun Mi rejected him because of their age gap. However, Yoon Suk will help Sun Mi whenever she faced any difficulities, including beating up her ex-boyfriend who make used of her as she is an interior owner who can help to decorate his house for free. They eventually went into a relationship as Sun Mi was pregnant with Yoon Suk’s child and she realized that Yoon Suk really love her.

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Jung Wan acted by Eugene divorced with her husband as she was sick and tired with repaying loans that her sister-in-law had owned. She brought her son and they live together with her mother. Jung wan was a scriptwriter before she got married and she decided to be a scriptwriter again to support her family. She sent her script to Do Young acted by Kim Sung Soo, a movie company boss. Do Young like Jung wan’s script and invited her to be a scriptwriter for Uhm Tae Woong acted by Oh Kyung Soo, a famous movie director. Tae Woong fell in love with Jung wan and confessed to her but Jung Wan rejected as she was worried about her son’s rejection. They finally get together after many challenges.



Ji Hyun acted by Choi Jung Yoon married into a rich family. On the surface, she appeared to have a blissful marriage and family but the truth are her mother-in-law and daughter hate her to the core. Her mother-in-law treat her nicely infront of people. However, when they are alone, her mother-in-law start to torture her. Things change when she met her ex-boyfriend, Do Young. Ji Hyun’s husband found out that Ji Hyun lied to him that she was his first love and she even had a child with Do Young.

Comments: As the show’s name suggest, can we love is a question mark for me and you. It is easy to fall in love but whether we are loving the correct person is a question. Overcoming challenges together is a blissful thing. However, if both of you cannot overcome it, things will go wrong. Most importantly is to find a person who love you and you also love that person.


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