Shinhwa makes a surprising appearance on ‘Running Man’

Fans of Shinhwa will be happy to hear that they will be appearing on the next episode of “Running Man”.

Korea’s longest-running variety-dols Shinhwa greeted the cast of ‘Running Man‘ in full pirate garb on the latest episode!

The cast were surprised by their appearance at the tail end of this week’s episode. They had spent the previous few hours battling each other to secure the highest ranking within the cast members, for which they had received an appropriate amount of gold in return. Boarding a ship to deposit their gold, they found themselves robbed, bound, and gagged and left to stew until morning.

Upon morning, the cast found themselves captives of the Shinhwa pirate gang, but when they found out that the gold was missing — replaced by worthless scrap — they set out to recover the missing gold for themselves.

It’s a pity that Dongwan is unable to join them. But, there are other chances for them to appear.


Subbed: “Double Park TV” Episode 1

The highly anticipated Double Park TV is out yesterday and YGSRASubs had subbed the first two parts. Kidos to them and enjoy the cuteness of the Park sisters.

‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ to take legal action


Sometimes, I wonder why some people have nothing better to do to go create anti fan cafe especially for young children. If you are a fan of  ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’, you will know that there are people creating anti fan cafe for Yoon Hoo. Junsu’s father had commented before asking people to stop posting negative comments. However, the situation did not improve.

MBC has decided legal action is necessary as these comments are aimed toward children on the show, who can be easily scarred.

“The production crew of ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ has decided that they can no longer stand still and observe Yoon Hoo’s anti-cafe and other negative posts online and have decided to respond with legal action. The production crew and MBC’s legal department have already completed their discussion on the appropriate legal actions.”

“The negative comments towards the children have crossed the line and it has been determined as a serious issue. We will take strong measures against them.”

I cannot understand why people are attacking Yoon Hoo. He is so adorable, take good care of the younger siblings and has good manners. Please stop attacking any innocent and young children any more.

Dad, where are we going?



Dad, where are we going is a variety show where 5 fathers will bring their sons for a mini vacation without their mums. Which mean that the dads have to cook for them, wash them up, read story books to them, etc…

images (1)

My favourite dad and son will be them!!! Lee JunSu with his dad. I think Junsu is the only child who dare to slap his dad without getting scolded. Sometimes from their interaction, you won’t know who is the dad or the son. The dad can be more childish than his son. JunSu is also super cute!!! =)





This table sums up the children’s relationship.  Since Jiah is the only female in this show, Yoon Hoon often shows his affection towards Jiah. Once, Yoon Hoon is caught by Jiah’s father by hugging her and caught laughters.



I really love how those father and son relationship improve weeks after weeks and the sons depending on their father instead of finding their mothers all the time. Kudos to the production team who came up with such a wonderful variety show!!!!

Running Man

Why are people addicted to running man? Allkpop make a list of 10 reasons on why people like running man:

HOWEVER, I am going to add on to the list

11) It is a good way of relieving stress



Because they are close to each other, they can play around with each other comfortably without worrying that the other party will get angry with them. And often, they will tease “giraffe” adding more laughers to the show.

12)Creative elements in the show

 944415_463938283698615_1974972288_nHad you ever see a variety show that uses the “most-in characters” or “all-time favourite characters” and blended so well with it and let the audience go “WOW”!!!! Seriously, running man is the only variety show that does it so successfully.

13)Special guests

download  images (1)thumb_runningman

The special guest for each episode is very important too.Many important/special guests appear on running man such as Jacky Chan, Park Ji Sung and Jung Woo Sung are examples of such famous star who appear for the first time on Korean variety shows. Even the running man are surprised to see them too.

To sum off this post, I had attached a relationship diagram to illustrate their “love and hate” relationship with each other.