Birth of a beauty review

Birthofabeauty-poster Birth of a beauty is a 2014 Korean drama. Sa Geum-ran married into a well-to-do family, but her husband Lee Kang-joon was living in United States for his business for 7 years, and she lives with his mother and sisters who treat her badly. Geum-ran learns that Kang-joon has been having an affair with a broadcast announcer Gyo Chae-yeon, and he asks for a divorce. When she sees her in-laws welcoming Chae-yeon with open arms, Geum-ran threatens her husband, who follows her and causes her to drive her car off a cliff. Everyone assumes that Geum-ran committed suicide and attends her funeral, not knowing that she’s still alive. In order to get revenge, Geum-ran begs Han Tae-hee (Joo Sang-wook), whom she thought was the plastic surgeon of extreme-makeover television show to transform her, and he reluctantly agrees because of his own ulterior motives.

indexSara/Sa Geum-ran acted by Han Ye-seul was overweight but kind-hearted. Although she live separately from her husband, she does not complain but helped to take care of his family members especially his dementia grandmother. One day, she received a phone call telling her that her husband was back in Korea. Geum-ran was shocked to know about it as her husband did not return home. She went to the hotel that he was staying at and realized that he had an affair with Gyo Chae-yeon, a broadcaster. Her husband wanted to divorce with her but she refused and even threaten to announce their relationship to the public. Her husband follow her and caused her to drive off the cliff. She decided to undergo plastic surgery in order to take revenge. After the surgery, Geum-ran emerges from the full-body makeover as a stunningly beautiful woman, and she begins calling herself Sara.

imagesHan Tae-hee acted by Joo Sang-wook was a heir to Winner corporation but decided to hide his real identity as per his father’s instruction. Geum-ran begged Han Tae-hee to transform her.Tae-hee helped to transform Geum-ran to become a slim and clever woman. With a common goal, they scheme to ruin Kang-joon and Chae-yeon’s upcoming wedding in three weeks. As they spend more time together, Tae-hee fell in love with Geum-ran.

images5Lee Kang-joon acted by Jung Gyu-woon married Geum-ran when he was in debt because Geum-ran had a piece of land under her name. He “murdered” his wife and forged a suicide note to make everyone believed that his wife commited suicide. Kang-joon fell in love with Sara without knowing that she was his ex-wife.

images2Gyo Chae-yeon acted by Wang Ji-hye had an affair with Kang-joon. She knew that Kang-joon “murdered” his ex-wife and threaten him when Chae-yeon realized that Kang-joon was in love with Sara.

This drama does not has an interesting plot and I have seen drama with similar plots before. However, what is worthy to watch is their acting skills.


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