When a man falls in love episode 20 recap


Han Tae Sang and Baek Sung Joo decided to get marry. Goo Yong Gap know the truth behind the murder of Ta Sang’s mother lover told Sung Joo the truth. Sung Joo told Yong Gap to tell the police the truth. He promised that he will say it during their wedding day as her wedding gift but in return he want one of her wedding photo.

Mi Do met Jae Hee for the last time before she left for America. They sat down on a bench at a park and had a talk. Jae Hee asked, “When are you leaving?” Mi Do replied, “After I watch president Han Tae Sang’s wedding. I want to watch him getting married.” Jae Hee said, “You still have feelings for him, don’t you?” Mi Do answered, “Whether I like him or not, he’s a part of my life. I want to put a period before I turn to the next page of my life.” She continued, “I lied and pretended that I lost my memories for you. I thought it was president Han who planned the car accident. It was a lie that I didn’t remember you. I tried to protect you. I was worried that you might get hurt. You were that important to me back then.” Jae Hee said, “I don’t regret holding the pack of rice for you and meeting you again in Guam.”

On the wedding day itself, Sung Joo gave one of her wedding photo to Yong Gap. However, he make another request asking her not to attend the wedding, then he then testify at the wedding. Eventually, Sung Joo didn’t appear at the wedding to clear Tae Sang of a false charge of murder.

The actual truth behind the murder case was Many years ago, Tae Sang had an argument with his mother, Yoo Hong Ja’s lover. While he was drinking alcohol, Tae Sang went up to him and told him not to mistreat his mother. As the guy said, “Why shouldn’t I, when she abandoned her own husband and son?” Tae Sang got mad and took him outside to have a fight. Goo Yong Gap was there as well.Tae Sang passed out as the guy hit him on the head with a rock. While he was down, the guy slipped and fell down the stairs. Yong Gap checked that he was dead and left. Soon, Lee Chang Hee came into the scene to look for Tae Sang and found the dead body. He thought Tae Sang has killed him, and secretly buried the body in a mountain.

 Lee Jae Hee finally met his father, Jang Ji Myung. As soon as Jae Hee entered the room, Ji Myung approached to him and said, “You look a lot like me.” He hugged him with joy. Jae Hee said, “I’m extremely happy to see you, father. But I want to live the way I’ve lived with my brother.”

After 2 years, Mi Doo was working at America with Kelly. At the same time, her father published a book and Kelly wanted Mi Doo to return to Korea and attend a press conference with her father. Mi Doo’s brother also debuted along with his friend. Mi Doo returned to her old bookstore. Then she realized Tae Sang took over the store and was owning the place. Tae Sang and Mi Do met in front of the bookstore. Tae Sang said to her, “Please go back.” However, Mi Do replied, “I don’t want to because I feel like I’m going to like you again.” The two smiled at each other with a happy ending.



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