EPIK HIGH x BiBiZhou(周笔畅) – WITH YOU

Epik High is back with a remake song “Fool” feat Zhou Bi Bi. This song is so catchy and so addictive. Haven’t heard such a nice song recently. Hope Epik High can come back soon as they are making a new album.
Zhou Bi Bi also appeared on “Return of superman”. Be sure to catch her on this show.


Big Bang’s Seungri


Being a fan of Big Bang, we are excited to know that Big Bang’s maknae is back with mini album – “Let’s Talk About Love” NEXT MONDAY. Seungri last album was in 2011 entitled “VVIP”.

His album will be released online on August 19th (with an offline release coming a few days later on August 21st). The mini-album consists of seven songs including title track, “Gotta Talk to U“, “Let’s Talk About Love” featuring Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, as well as “GG Be” featuring YG Entertainment trainee and rumored girl group member Jennie Kim.

Seungri_1376271281_130812_serungri_lets-talk-about-love-teaser_1-2Check out the track list.

While waiting for his new songs to released, let’s listen to VVIP first!!! Let’s hope that Big Bang will come back soon with a new album.


2NE1 is back again with a new single – Do you love me.

This song is very different from the previous song – Falling in love. I personally like this song as compare to “Falling in love”.

This song has a very catchy tune. I would’t mind listening to this song for another 10000 times.

As compared to the previous MVs where YG will spend lots of money producing a nice and wonderful MV but this MV is much simpler BUT we can get to see how the girls usually play in real life. They are seriously a bunch of lovely, funny and cute girls. Not to forget, they are sexy also. While filming for the MV, they also get a chance to play and relax. How great is it for 2NE1. I was afraid that they would be tired since they will promoting a new song monthly till October.

We also get to see Dara’s brother – Thunder. It was kind of YG to include Thunder in the MV. Sibling love. It is kind of funny when they place one of lips onto Thunder’s mouth but it matches well.

And yes, 2NE1, I do love you =)

My husband got a family

Family drama that show Kim Nam-joo as Cha Yoon-hee’s dream is to marry a guy who is a orphan because she hate to serve her in-law family. She was married to Yoo Jun-sang as Terry Kang / Bang Gwi-nam who is adopted by a Korean couple who live in America. However, one day Gwi-nam decided to search for her real parents. Unexpectedly, his real family live in the opposite house from them. Yoon-hee then had to serving his in-law which consist of grandmother, father, mother and 3 sisters-in-law. The drama then go on to show how Yoon-hee faced the difficulties of serving her in- law as well as how she overcome these obstacles as well as becoming a mother.

I bet all women after watching this show will start to fall in love with “Gwi-nam” because he is such a perfect husband and son-in-law. He always defend his wife when his wife had misunderstanding with his mother. I would seriously like to have this kind of husband in the future. Therefore, after filming in this drama, he earned the title of national son-in-law. The series is also ranked number one overall on the 2012 yearly TV ratings chart.


This song is composed by Yoo Jun-sang and is it also a OST for this drama. I didn’t know that he has such a nice voice. Nice song.

Rating 4.5/5
A drama that is showing the problems that most mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will face in real life. It is quite an addictive drama. Go and watch it, I’m sure you will like it also.