Happy 300 Days / 遇見幸福300天

Before watching this drama, I read online and saw people commenting that this drama is similar to a Korean drama entitled Three fathers, one mother. However, I had not seen that korean drama before so I should make no comment about it. wv8t8n1This drama is about Ya Ting acted by Chen Yi Rong found out she was pregnant after she was abandoning by her ex-boyfriend. At first, she wanted a abortion but she was persuaded by a doctor not to. She decided to return to her home town and give birth to her child. Ya Ting’s mother owned a small inn and for some reasons, three unrelated guys happened to stay in the inn also.

During their stay in the inn, the three guys  help one another learn to be selfless, brave, and trustworthy in love. Those three guys eventually fall in love with Ya Ting and even volunteered to be her child’s father and helping her out with her pregnancy.

This drama is currently still ongoing and I really hope for the best ending.


My husband got a family

Family drama that show Kim Nam-joo as Cha Yoon-hee’s dream is to marry a guy who is a orphan because she hate to serve her in-law family. She was married to Yoo Jun-sang as Terry Kang / Bang Gwi-nam who is adopted by a Korean couple who live in America. However, one day Gwi-nam decided to search for her real parents. Unexpectedly, his real family live in the opposite house from them. Yoon-hee then had to serving his in-law which consist of grandmother, father, mother and 3 sisters-in-law. The drama then go on to show how Yoon-hee faced the difficulties of serving her in- law as well as how she overcome these obstacles as well as becoming a mother.

I bet all women after watching this show will start to fall in love with “Gwi-nam” because he is such a perfect husband and son-in-law. He always defend his wife when his wife had misunderstanding with his mother. I would seriously like to have this kind of husband in the future. Therefore, after filming in this drama, he earned the title of national son-in-law. The series is also ranked number one overall on the 2012 yearly TV ratings chart.


This song is composed by Yoo Jun-sang and is it also a OST for this drama. I didn’t know that he has such a nice voice. Nice song.

Rating 4.5/5
A drama that is showing the problems that most mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will face in real life. It is quite an addictive drama. Go and watch it, I’m sure you will like it also.

I need romance 2012

Remember in the last post that I mentioned that I like Lee Jin Woo and I’m going to watch another drama. Truth enough, I begin to start watching I need romance 2012.


A typically romance revolving 3 girls and their partners. Joo Yeol Mae acted by Jung Yoo Mi, Sun Jae Kyung and Woo Ji Hee are best friends for 17 years and they share their secrets with each other. Joo Yeol Mae and Yoon Suk Hyun acted by Lee Jin Wook love together in the same house since they were young and they are a couple but broke up for 5 times after Suk Hyun refused to marry Yeol Mae but Yeol Mae wanted to get marry. The reason why Suk Hyun refused to get married was because his family has hereditary illness and he was afraid that he would contract that disease and leave Yeol Mae behind.

Even though, they broke up, they are still best of friends and they promised not to interfere in each other personal’s life.

Yeol Mae begin to attend match-making session. One day, she met Shin Ji Hoon acted by Kim Ji Suk and they begin to become a couple.  Suk Hyun thought that he will forget about Yeol Mae but he realized that he still love her alot and wanted to chase her back. After first, Yeol Mae refused to go back to him because she started to love Ji Hoon. When Suk Hyun’s sister passed away because of the hereditary illness, Yeol Mae’s grandmother then told her the truth and she begun to understand why Suk Hyun is afraid of marriage. She then decided to break up with Ji Hoon and go back to Suk Hyun.

 But Suk Hyun could tell that Yeol Mae love Ji Hoon so he decided to sell his house and leave for another place. Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae eventually break up and Yeol Mae keep waiting for Suk Hyun to return home. After a year, Yeol Mae managed to find Suk Hyun and they returned to their home and eventually get married.

Rating: 4/5
One of the best romance drama that I had ever watched. But beware, there are relatively more bed scenes as compared to other romance dramas.

Nine: Nine times travel


16/5/2013 The first post to my reader. Wonder why I start my post like this? If you had watched Nine: Nine times travel, you will understand why. The best drama that I had watched this year.
The story is about Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) is given nine chances to travel back in time to solve a crime that happened 20 years ago. However, this is not without consequences as his involvement in the past effects the lives of many including his.


In the first episode, Sun Woo went to Nepal because his older brother (Jung Woo) died while climbing the mountain and he went there to collect his  belonging. At the same time, Sun Woo also proposed to Joo Min Young, Sun Woo’s colleague and suggested that they should live together for 6 months without registering their names.  Unfortunately Sun Woo was diagnosed with brain tumour.  

After reading his brother diary, Sun Woo realized that his brother was looking for joss stick that could bring him back to 20 years ago. Sun Woo decided to fulfil his brother’s wish and started looking for the 9 joss sticks. With the joss stick, Sun Woo could go back to 20 years ago and changed the event leading to the change in the future. However, going back to the past does not necessary mean that Sun Woo could revert all the unfortunate events to the normal state. While trying to bring Jung Woo back to life, the woman that Sun Woo love became his niece. Towards the end, I was feeling so sad that I cry abit but I’m not going to mention why. Watch it if you are interested to find out more.


Though, the ending is happy but I do not really quite understand it. I guess that the writers want us to imagine the ending ourselves. I can’t explain or describe how much I really love this drama. Sun Woo is so handsome and the couple is quite a perfect match and I’m so into him now. I’m currently having serious after drama withdrawal illness. In order to divert my attention from them them, I had started watching another drama. Want to know what drama I’m watching? Stay tuned to my next post. =)




Don’t you think the teaser is so sweet? BTW, if anyone could translate it into English, please leave a comment. I’m dying to know what they are talking about. 

Rating: 5/5
You will definitely not regret watching this drama. Trust me.

Love and Marriage

有一个女孩名叫茜,在她还没有出生的时候她的爸爸就已经去世了,她和妈妈、姥姥、还有继父生活在一起, 可是姥姥和继父都不喜欢她。

于是, 在她上高中时妈妈给她送进了一所私 立学校。私立学校都是有钱人家的孩 子,在这一群富家子弟中,茜显得是那样的另类,她每个月的生活费只有123.5,这些钱只够她一个月吃饭的花销,所以,她每天都等同学吃过饭后,躲在一个角落里吃馒头和咸菜。


没多久,班级里一个名叫巩的男孩 茜说:“你帮我补补课吧?” 茜不屑的笑笑说:“我为什么给你补课?” 巩理直气壮的说:“因为我成绩差!” 这句话使茜多看了他一眼,就是这么一眼让茜 觉得巩与众不同,因为巩和别的有钱人家的孩子不同,他身上总是穿着一 件破旧的大衣,而且也没有贵族人的傲气,于是便答应了给他补课。

每天茜都给巩补习功课,同时也增加了茜的收入。渐渐地,他们熟悉了,得知巩的生日是12月31日一年中的最后一天,而茜的生日是1月1日一年中的第 一天,巩开玩笑的说:“ 我比你大了整整一年啊!” 茜冷淡地回了一句:“仅一 天而已!” 这一天放学,学校门口停了一辆宝马,许多有钱人家的孩子都没有见过,那是巩的家人来接他了,茜看着巩走向了车的方向,心想:“为什么他们可以那么有钱?为什么他们就可以开宝马?”

就在这时,巩回头对茜淡淡地一笑便上了车。茜回过神来 想:“我为什么要羡慕他?他又没有我 学习好!”日子就这样一天天的过,尽 管茜每天都给巩补课功课,可巩的成绩一直也没有明显的进步,离高考的 日子越来越近了,他们都顾着自己的 总复习,也不再补习了。

茜一心就想 考上清华,因为她不想被别人看不起。考试成绩出来了,茜如愿地考上了清华大学,并且是高出全校第二名整整50分的优异成绩考入了清华大学。 由于学校还没有开学,茜想回家看一 看妈妈,她们母女已经很多年没有见过面了。可她刚进家门,继父见了她就又打又骂的,妈妈把她护在身后, 无奈之下茜离开了家,当她走到楼下 抬头看着自己家的阳台时,她多么希望在临走前再见妈妈一眼,可等来的却是姥姥把她所有的行李丢了下来, 她伤心的离开了家,又回到了北京。 茜回到北京后,准备四处找房子,正在这时她看见一个老奶奶在收拾一个库房,她走上前去问:“老奶奶,您这房子租吗?”老奶奶笑眯眯地说:“小姑娘,你想租房子吗?”茜点了点头,“那就100块钱吧!”老奶奶回答她。

茜正收拾房子的时候,见到了很久不见的巩,茜不想让别人看见自己落魄的样 子,生气地问:“你怎么在这儿?” 巩还是和以前一样穿得随随便便的,表情怪异地说:“我来看我姑奶奶!”茜像被看穿了一样,一直沉默不说话。巩问:“听说你考上了清华,恭喜你啊!”茜也不是那种不识价的人,就说:“谢谢!那你呢?”巩不高兴地说:“我爸爸让我出国!”茜冷冷地看着 他,狠狠地说:“哼!你们有钱人家的 孩子就是这样!” 巩又接着对茜说:“你愿不愿意帮我一个忙?”茜疑惑地问:“什么事?” 巩说:“愿不愿意到我 妈妈的公司做打字员?” 茜立刻就生气 地说:“你是在同情我吗?”巩急忙解释:“不是的,我妈妈的公司最近效益不好,许多员工都走了,现在正好缺人,你就当是帮帮我,好不好?”茜答应了,每天都去巩妈妈那上班,一个月发600元的工资,这对她来说已经很满足了。巩就要出国了,在巩走之前茜请了他吃顿饭。

巩出国了,茜依旧每天一边上课一边 工作,现在每个月的工资已经可以达 到2000元了,并且巩的妈妈怕她跑来跑去的不方便,给她配了一个笔记本电脑,在别人看来都以为她很有钱, 当然了,茜没有承认,也没有否认过。 在茜的寝室有一个北京的女孩,个性比较刁蛮,但是从来不欺负茜。茜还是同以前一样的要强,受不得别人的学习比自己强,可这一次她遇到了对 手。


就在这时,老师问了一个问题并叫茜来回 答,可由于茜精神没集中连问题都不知道是什么,所以,摇了摇头。老师又问:“有没有人会这道题?”……林主动地站了起来回答了这道题并受到了表扬。茜恨恨地想:你以为我不会吗?用你来告诉我?下课了,茜把林截住说:“下次考试我一定会超过你!”当时在场的同学都感到很惊讶。 考试成绩出来,茜果然取得了第一 名,茜在成绩单上寻找着林的名字,却发现林的每科成绩都是零分,她很生气:不愿意和我比就直接说嘛!宿舍的女孩告诉茜,林在校园的湖边等她,她愤愤地跑过去说:“你什么意思?这算什么?”林没有说话,只是把手中的卷子递给了茜,茜疑惑地 问:“你怎么会有卷子?”林说:“我姑姑是教务处的……”还没等他说完茜就打断了:“你们有钱人都是这样!怪不得每次成绩都那么高!”林不慌不忙地解释:“可我从来就没有动用过这种关 系,卷子我已经答完,你可以合一下分数!”茜拿卷子算了一下总分还是比她高,她很是不解……林突然抱住了她,对她说:“我喜欢你!”

一个女孩被男孩抱在怀里,她所有的骄傲都没有了,于是他们开始交往了。没多久他们就发生了关系,每一次出去茜都要给林钱,因为两个人出去男人付钱总是有面子,时间久了,她每次都会给林零花钱,这在他们之间也成了很普通的事情。茜的生日就要到了,茜幻想着林会送她什么礼物,心想:给他的零花钱已经足够给我买一个项链或钻戒的了。她想想就觉得很开心! 茜生日那天,林一天都没有联系她, 她以为是林故意的,为的是给她一个惊喜。

这时电话响了,茜拿起电话 说:“你死哪儿去了?”只听见对方惊讶地说了一声:“啊?” 她问:“你是谁啊?”“我是巩!”她生气地说:“怎么是你呀?”巩淡定地说:“祝你生日快乐!”“谢谢!没有什么事先挂了!”巩说:“那好吧!再见!”巩并没有等到茜的回答,而是对方那边传来嘟嘟嘟嘟的声音……电话又响了,是林打来的, 接过电话后,茜急急忙忙的跑到楼下,可是,林看起来很不开心的样 子。茜心想,可能是他想给我一个惊喜吧!林问茜:“晚上可不可以不回去?陪陪我!”

茜犹豫了一下还是答应了!到了酒店,茜才知道原来悲伤、 痛苦的表情是不可以伪装的。林对茜 讲了一段她最不想听到的故事:林原本有一个女朋友叫蕊,在一所电影学 院,他希望他的女朋友和其他的女孩不一样,希望她不被世俗所感染,但当他去找蕊的时候,她却和一个有钱人走在了一起,说着贬低自己的话, 可林并不甘心。

上午,林用积攒下来的零用钱给蕊买了一个钻戒,结果却被蕊丢了回来。茜手中拿着那枚钻戒,看着上面刻着一个“蕊”字,这一 刻,茜好恨自己,恨自己为什么要那么努力的读书?为什么要认识字?如果她不认识字,她会认为那个字是她的名字,可是,茜忍住了泪水,安慰着林说:“没事,没事的!”没多久,茜不在巩的妈妈的公司工作了,由于她所学的市场营销管理正是巩的爸爸公司所缺少的,所以,她又到巩的爸爸公司上班。眼见就要毕业了,大家就要各奔东西,茜和林也就分手了。

茜随着巩的爸爸来到了深圳发展,几年的努力茜已有了很出色的表现。经过各种关系,现在茜已经是英国总公司在中国分公司的经理。茜为自己买 了房子、买了车,她只是为了证明别 人有的东西自己也会有,但只是时间的问题。


吃过饭后,茜问:“你去哪儿?”巩回答:“白天鹅!”茜又讽刺的说:“你们有钱人总是住那种星级酒店。”巩并没有回答茜的 问题,而是问她:“可不可以陪我上 去?”“为什么?”巩哀求着说:“就算是求求你了,陪我上去,好不好?”茜想了想答应陪他上去,刚进屋门,巩说:“把眼睛闭上!”倒数5个数!当茜 睁开眼睛的时候,在屋的角落里跳出 了许多的小丑为她弹琴、唱歌。这时,巩推出一个五层的大蛋糕走到茜的面前:“生日快乐!”茜好感动,因为她已经好多年没有过生日了。巩手中拿着钻戒单膝跪在地上认真地对茜说:“嫁给我,好吗?”

茜说:“给我个理由!”“我爱你!”巩回答。茜点头答应了,但她自己也不知道这样是对是错,因为她还是没有办法忘记林,但 是,巩的父母对她也很不错。没多久,巩和茜结婚了。 结婚以后的茜还是同以前一样整天的 忙于工作,而巩却是在家养养鱼、养养花、上上网,这让茜很看不惯,有一次茜不平地说:“为什么我整天的在外面奔波,而你却整天在家闲着没 事!”巩笑嘻嘻的说:“要不我们都在家吧!反正,我爸妈挣的钱够咱俩花一 辈子的了!”话音刚落,茜就生气地吼道:“为什么要花你爸妈的钱?难道我们没有能力挣吗?”巩见老婆生气了, 急忙连笑带求饶的哄茜。每一次都是这样。

一天,茜的QQ上有一个陌生男人加她,她隐约地感觉到那个男人是林,但她还是加了。结果真的是林,他们聊了很久,茜得知林在西北的一 家公司当经理,她就觉得自己的老公太没出息了。回到家以后,茜看见鱼缸里有一只鱼腹朝上了,她就捞出来扔了。巩回来以后发现少了一条鱼, 就问老婆:“我的‘二姨太’呢?”茜冷淡 地说:“我看见它腹朝上就扔了。”“不是,它每天都这样休息一会儿的!”茜听了以后气急了:“你整天就知道在家呆着,就不和别人一样?”巩听了以 后,没有一丝表情的问:“你说的‘别人’是他吗?”茜伸手给了巩一个大嘴 巴,巩没有说一句话,把门轻轻地带上离开了家。

已经两天了,巩都没有回家,茜也知道自己确实有些过分了,但又不好意思主动打电话,她忽然想到了巩的那本日记,巩一直都不让她看,这一次她可以看看了。 打开日记,第一页: 年X月X日,我们班有一个女孩她和别 人不一样,每次同学吃过饭后,她都躲在角落里吃馒头、咸菜,我很想去帮帮她,可是,她好象很讨厌有钱人家的小孩,我得想一个好办法!” “今天我让爸爸给我弄了一件破旧的大衣,我想这样就容易接近她,她也不会讨厌我了。她已经决定给我补课了,为了能和她在一起的时间久一点,我故意每次都考不好,虽然每次她都说我笨,但我还是很开心。可就是无法向爸妈交代。” …“

我的生日到了,爸爸开车来接我, 我有点不高兴,因为我怕她会因此疏远我。明天是她的生日,我多希望叫她一起上车,但我知道她一定不肯,所以,我只能送给她一个无奈的微笑。上了车以后,我脱下了破旧的大衣,换了一件新衣服,爸爸还说我是不是有毛病,总爱穿这件破旧的大衣。” “我觉得我已经喜欢上她了!” ……

“爸爸妈妈知道我喜欢她了,但爸爸说只要我考上清华就同意我们在一起,所以,我开始努力的学习,但是,她有那么要强,我不能超过她的分数,所以,我把每一科都少答了几道题,就这样,我比她少了整整50 分,考了全校的第二名。可爸爸让我 出国,如果我不同意,他会把我帮助她的真相全部告诉她,所以,我答应了!” “出国前我见到了她,我邀请她到我妈妈的公司做打字员,我怕她知道我是故意帮她,所以就和妈妈商量了一下说公司效益不好。在我走之前,她说要请我吃饭,我说我吃牛肉面,她不同意,我就说我最喜欢吃牛肉面了, 因为我知道即使我们两个人都吃才要3块钱,那样的话这个月她还有597块钱的零花钱。

吃过饭后,她回学校了,没走多远我就吐了,因为我从来就没 有吃过这么难吃的饭。” ……“太巧了!她宿舍有一个女孩是我的初中同学,我告诉过我同学不许欺负 她,不然,我就不客气了!” ……“在同学的口中得知她有了男朋友, 我很想问问她最近好不好?但是,我却找不到打电话的理由!” ……“今天她的生日,我终于有了一个打电话的理由,但是,听她的声音觉得 很急,好象在等人,所以匆匆的就把电话挂了。同学告诉我,她今晚没有回宿舍,我好害怕,我真不敢想象会发生什么事情!我心好乱!” ……

“在国外,我努力地奋斗,但是,我却不能告诉她我的成就,我怕她会因此不理我。我经过了一番打拼终于使自己的公司在中国有了分公司,而总经理就是她,我自然就放心了!我就要回国了,我却不能告诉她这些年我的努力。但是,不管她现在还有没有男朋友,我都要向她求婚。” ……

“我向她求婚了,她答应了我!” ……“结婚的那天晚上,我故意把自己的手指割破,把床单染红了,尽管我和她的心里都明白她已经不是第一次 了,但是,在我的心里,她永远都是那个我要珍惜的人。” ……

“结婚以后,她依旧整天忙于工作, 而我不能一天见不到她,所以每天只用电脑和总公司的副经理联系,尽管在她眼里我没有出息,但只要不伤害到她比什么都好。” ……

“我感觉她又和他联系了,我好怕我会失去她,因为我现在真的不能没有她,我想就这样和她过一辈子。” ……

“老婆,我真不想失去你,因为我真的不能没有你!” ……



So many thoughts came to my mind after reading this. Sometime, we do not even know who are true to us and we push them aside. However, at the end of the day, those who are true to us will continue to stand by us. Don’t be foolish and keep trying to shove them away.

Spring Love episode 14 recap

I mentioned last week that I feel that this film is coming to an end soon. Indeed, last Sunday, Taiwan broadcast its last episode. I’m going to give a brief episode recap.

In last week episode, we saw Long Tai tried to save Tian He but Long Tai ended up in a coma while Tian He is save. The Long’ family doctor revealed a secret that their mother did not abandoned them but was forced to leave the house by their grandmother.

CaptureTian He realized that he had misunderstood his mother and start to accept Long Tai as his younger brother. He was only to revenge and get back Long Tang. With the help of Ah Xiang and Ah Lun, they managed to know from the village chief that the person behind this plot is Ren Hu. From here, Tian He knew that Ren Hu is playing the stock market and the company that he’s buying is going to face bankruptcy soon.

Tian He inform Ren Hu’s grandmother and luckily his grandmother had already called to bank to stop financing him. His grandmother wanted him to return Long Tang back to the Long family but he refused as he thought that Long Tang belong to their family but it turned out to be a mistake. Back then, his grandmother said that Long Tang belong to them was because she was feeling angry but it does not belong to them at all.

Long Tai finally woke up and he became a couple with Ren Mei. At the last time, Long Tai got a phone call from Wen Zi’s father asking him to go back to Japan to help him out with the fish market and Ren Mei got an offer from a ballet school in the USA. Tian He and Ren Hu no longer see each other as enemy. Long Tai took Ren Hu that Wen Zi actually like him.

The family finally took a family portray with the Sakura tree that was planted inside their house. Ren Hu told Ren Mei that actually their parents’ death was caused by him and not Ren Mei. The siblings finally clear up all their misunderstanding and Ren Hu start to care for his younger sister. The story ended with the Long family and the Zhao family working together. Ren Mei went to Japan to find Long Tai.
CaptureThe perfect ending. Everything is back to its normal state. There’s nothing more that we can ask for it.