Spring Love



Currently still broadcasting in Taiwan but I think it is going to end soon. Perhaps, 2-3 more episodes.

The reason why I wanted to watch this drama because my sister introduced this drama to me. Beside that, I always love watching Mike He’s shows. From devil beside you to love keep going to Spring Love.

I have been watching Taiwan dramas for many years. In the current years, I don’t know why but I feel that the standard of Taiwan dramas are going down either the story plot is not interesting or the drama is super draggy. But I feel that the pace of the drama is good for me and the story plot is interesting also which keep me anticipating what is going to happen next. Especially I wanted to see what does Ren Hu plan to do next to Long Tai and if Long Tai and Ren Mei will be together anot. I believe that Mike really put in alot of effort for this drama because he need to act as twin brother. Double work load for him but I can see his effort.

But the OSTs of this drama are nice too especially the ending song <被忘錄> by Aaron Yan. But the songs in the dramas are nice too and they are also sung by one of the main actor – 陳乃榮. Not only is his singing skills quite good but he composed most of the songs. I could not believe that he can act, sing and compose songs.

<Ending song>

<同種異類 by 陳乃榮> One of the OSTs for this drama.

Rating 5/5

Though this drama is not complete yet but I will give full marks for it. If you had not start watching this drama, go and watch it now.



That winter, the wind blows

that winter

During the start of my holiday, the first drama that I start watching is That winter, the wind blows. It is currently one of the most popular k-drama. What makes me watch this drama instead of others is because of Song Hye Kyo. Her last drama before That winter was a drama with Hyun Bin (her ex-boyfriend). The trailer was also very interesting.


Don’t you think that the scenery is very beautiful? I love the house, snow and the greenhouse very much.

This is my first time seeing Jo In Sung acting. OMG. He is soooo tall and handsome but sadly, he has a girlfriend. Undoubtedly,he is a good actor. He really acted very well especially in those cry scenes and it make me wanted to cry along with him. My heart goes out to him when Oh Young realized that he had been cheating her all the while but he seriously love her. I almost cry out loud when the two of them are separated.

Kim Bum is also another factor that create the success of this drama. The last drama that I saw Kim Bum was Boys over flowers. I can say that he really improve alot. From his acting to eye contact and his facial expression. Whenever he feel sad or angry, I can feel it and I can’t help but to scold along with him.

We seldom see shows that have main actress as a blind lady. Through this drama, I realized that blind people can be as strong and smart as normal people. Though they lost their sight but their strong hearing sense enable them to see through people’s hearts which is  not something that normal people like us can do. They can hear their sincerity, fear, sadness and happiness through their voices.

Rating: 4/5

I would give a higher rating if the ending can be a little more perfect and if the story plot is not too draggy. A must watch show!!!