Secret of birth episode 20 recap

Ki Tae rushed into his mother’s room and yelled, “Mother. You are crazy. How could you plan such a thing?” However, Yeo Sa was stubborn.

Ki Tae said, “What were all the prayers of repentance for? You think God will forgive you for everything only if you don’t murder someone?” Yeo Sa replied, “You stay away from sin. I’ll be the one purged of all the sins.”

Yi Hyun went to a prosecutor and confessed her guilt. She explained, “I think I was too eager to obtain both wealth and fame. It was an obvious greed. I even said that I didn’t know my own father in front of him. I thought it was easy to earn that much of money. I thought I didn’t need to study hard or try hard to become a cool adult. I thought it was a simple shortcut for me to live a happy life.”

She continued, “I have a daughter. I can stand my own sadness right now. But at least I want to be a blameless mother who admits all her guilt and faults.”

As Ki Tae found out that his mother was planning to kill Gook, he rushed to his house to stop it from happening. Gook, who was about to have dinner, also set the dinner table for Ki Tae.

While Ki Tae ate Gook’s food, he started to break down. He realized that he has never greeted him warmly like he did. He eventually could not finish the dinner, ran out of the house and cried.

Yi Hyun was going to turn herself in, but Jo Yeo Sa(played by Yoo Hye Ri) paid the prosecution to stop her. As director Park attempted suicide because of Yeo Sa’s pressure, Yi Hyun decided to postpone turning herself in to the police.

That night, Yi Hyun said to Kyung Doo, “Thanks a lot. If I haven’t met you, I wouldn’t be able to have such a wonderful daughter like Hae Deum(played by Gal So Won) nor have courage.” Kyung Doo replied, “Thanks for making me Yi Hyun’s husband and Hae Deum’s father from absolutely nothing.”

The two kissed each other finally as husband and wife.1010912_269966486474780_2020168263_n

Even though Yi Hyun became an ex-convict, Kyung Doo still loved and accepted her. Yi Hyun, Kyung Doo and Hae Deum went on a picnic at a park to spend their first time together as a family. The three lay in the grass with the happiest smile on their faces.

Meanwhile, Choi Suk(played by Lee Hyo Jung), who had Alzheimer’s, mentally became a little child and lived with Choi Gook(played by Kim Gap Soo) with no worries.988491_269967989807963_1664279926_n


In my opinion, this is an interesting drama showing the importance of family ties and living together as a family.


The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

This drama is relatively old. The first broadcast was in 2010.

TheWomanWhoStillWantsToMarryThis drama depicts lives of three women who are closing one chapter of their life and entering the next. Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee), Jung Da Jung (Uhm Ji Won) and Kim Boo Ki (Wang Bit Na) are three women in their 30s whose romantic relationships have faltered due to their career ambitions, but find themselves given a chance to make a fresh start.

Lee Shin Young who was a news reporter received a proposal by her boyfriend. Later in the night when she was reporting about a fire incident at a hotel, she saw her boyfriend and a lady in one of the hotel’s room shouting for help. She knew that her boyfriend had betrayed her. At the same time, her friend Jung Da Jung got break up with her boyfriend. The two ladies then stayed in the same house.

Da Jung wanted to get married as fast as possible therefore she keep going for matchmaking session while Shin Young prefer to focus on her career. Their friend, Boo Ki initially had a boyfriend of 10 years and they were preparing to get married soon but she broke off the engagement. Her boyfriend’s family members would not wash their cutlery and bowls and would leave everything to Boo Ki to wash. But, Boo Ki also hate to do washing therefore she bought a machine that could do all the washing  and her boyfriend’s mother gave it to her daughter as her wedding’s gift. His mother also expected her to prepare alot of wedding gifts for his family. Feeling frustrated, she broke off the engagement.

One day while working, Shin Young twisted her mouth and met a doctor – Na Ban Suk. Na Ban Suk like Shin Young and started to keep thinking of her. Na Ban Suk and Ha Min Jae were close friends and Ban Suk told Min Jae about Shin Young. Shin Young knew that the doctor like her but she was not interested in dating so she sort of rejected him. Coincidentally, Shin Young was teaching Min Jae in his university relating to new reporter. At the same time, Shin Young’s ex-boyfriend wanted to make up with Shin Young but she refused.

Min Jae slowly fell in love with Shin Young but she rejected him because they are 12 years apart and she feel that Min Jae is not serious about her. But slowly, Shin Young start to like her and they were dating secretly.

To know what happen in the end, GO AND WATCH IT!!! It is quite interesting. You get to compare the pros and cons of being a single or getting married.



The Wedding Scheme


This drama is about a mother of four daughters who is also the  president of a kimchi factory decides to embark on a grand marriage scheme for her children by having them cohabitate with four eligible bachelors. The mother is contracted with cancer and she knew that she cannot live long so she decided to bluff her daughters that the company is not doing well and they needed to sell their house and move to a smaller house. In the smaller house, the mother decided to rent out the some of the room to four eligible bachelors.

Second daughter Yoo Gun Hee acted by Kang Hye Jung worked in a food enterprise company which her mother hate it because her mother believe that food should not be mass-produced. The president of the food enterprise company wanted to add Kimchi to the company but they could not produce Kimchi as nice as Gun Hee’s mother company. The president wanted to merger with Gun Hee’s mother but she refused because she feel that the president killed her husband. The president’s son Lee Kang Jae acted by Lee Kyu Han who worked in the same department as Gun Hee is always quarrelling and arguing with each other. In order to merger with Gun Hee’s mother company, he decided to move into their house. In the end, they begin to fell in love with each other.

Eldest daugher Yoo Sun Hee acted by Lee Young Eun is an obedient daughter who does most of the cooking and household chores. Third daugher Yoo Min Jung acted by Kim Se Jung love to doll up and find rich guy as her boyfriend but in the end she fell in love with one of her mother’s employee whom she thought was poor but he actually own lands in America. Youngest daughter Yoo Min Ji is a student whom at first also love the same guy as her eldest sister but the guy eventually love her eldest sister.



God of the workplace


Despite the bad economy, where everyone is trying to become a permanent staff in the company. Miss Kim acted by Kim Hye Soo wanted to be a contract staff. She is an efficient, hardworking worker and possess alot of skills which will make you go WOW. You simply cannot believe that one can know so much skills. The drama go on and explain why Miss Kim want to only a contract worker. Despite the company offering her with good terms in order to make her stay, she refuses. She will be at odds with the elite Jang Kyu Jik acted by Oh Ji Ho.

This drama will focus heavily on some of the problems that people will encountered in the workforce such as retrenching old worker, stealing the idea of another people’s proposal and guys thinking that female do not have the capability to work.

Miss Kim will then come out with ideas and ways to prevent an old worker from being retrenched, saving Jung Joo Ri acted by Jung Yoo Mi from preventing the boss to break her contract in advance because her idea was accepted by the management but she is a contract worker and many other problems. To know what Miss Kim had done, do watch this drama.

When a man falls in love episode 20 recap


Han Tae Sang and Baek Sung Joo decided to get marry. Goo Yong Gap know the truth behind the murder of Ta Sang’s mother lover told Sung Joo the truth. Sung Joo told Yong Gap to tell the police the truth. He promised that he will say it during their wedding day as her wedding gift but in return he want one of her wedding photo.

Mi Do met Jae Hee for the last time before she left for America. They sat down on a bench at a park and had a talk. Jae Hee asked, “When are you leaving?” Mi Do replied, “After I watch president Han Tae Sang’s wedding. I want to watch him getting married.” Jae Hee said, “You still have feelings for him, don’t you?” Mi Do answered, “Whether I like him or not, he’s a part of my life. I want to put a period before I turn to the next page of my life.” She continued, “I lied and pretended that I lost my memories for you. I thought it was president Han who planned the car accident. It was a lie that I didn’t remember you. I tried to protect you. I was worried that you might get hurt. You were that important to me back then.” Jae Hee said, “I don’t regret holding the pack of rice for you and meeting you again in Guam.”

On the wedding day itself, Sung Joo gave one of her wedding photo to Yong Gap. However, he make another request asking her not to attend the wedding, then he then testify at the wedding. Eventually, Sung Joo didn’t appear at the wedding to clear Tae Sang of a false charge of murder.

The actual truth behind the murder case was Many years ago, Tae Sang had an argument with his mother, Yoo Hong Ja’s lover. While he was drinking alcohol, Tae Sang went up to him and told him not to mistreat his mother. As the guy said, “Why shouldn’t I, when she abandoned her own husband and son?” Tae Sang got mad and took him outside to have a fight. Goo Yong Gap was there as well.Tae Sang passed out as the guy hit him on the head with a rock. While he was down, the guy slipped and fell down the stairs. Yong Gap checked that he was dead and left. Soon, Lee Chang Hee came into the scene to look for Tae Sang and found the dead body. He thought Tae Sang has killed him, and secretly buried the body in a mountain.

 Lee Jae Hee finally met his father, Jang Ji Myung. As soon as Jae Hee entered the room, Ji Myung approached to him and said, “You look a lot like me.” He hugged him with joy. Jae Hee said, “I’m extremely happy to see you, father. But I want to live the way I’ve lived with my brother.”

After 2 years, Mi Doo was working at America with Kelly. At the same time, her father published a book and Kelly wanted Mi Doo to return to Korea and attend a press conference with her father. Mi Doo’s brother also debuted along with his friend. Mi Doo returned to her old bookstore. Then she realized Tae Sang took over the store and was owning the place. Tae Sang and Mi Do met in front of the bookstore. Tae Sang said to her, “Please go back.” However, Mi Do replied, “I don’t want to because I feel like I’m going to like you again.” The two smiled at each other with a happy ending.


Happy 300 days Episode 12 recap


Ya Ting finally went back to work after giving birth to Xiao Xing Fu. On her first day back to work, she met a new colleague – Joan who is also Qi Tian ex-girlfriend. Qi Tian happened to fetch Ya Ting from work and he also met Joan. Both of them pretended that they had never met before.


The two brothers realized that Ya Ting is feeling down and they asked her to say out her problem but Ya Ting refused. Actually, Ya Ting is worried that Qi Tian might leave her and Xiao Xing Fu alone and go back to his normal life. But, Ya Ting doesn’t dare to tell Qi Tian to continue staying on.

CaptureThe two brothers then have a heart-to-heart talk. Yao Yang said out that he really like Ya Ting and Ya Ting’s smile. Yao Yang decided that if he and Ding Ding really like Ya Ting, they should do something to make Ya Ting happy.

CaptureYao Yang bought a second-hand motorcycle and he decided to bring Ya Ting to the beach and confess his love to Ya Ting even though that he knew Ya Ting will not accept him. He encourages Ya Ting to confess her love to Qi Tian and to be happy forever. Ding Ding brought Qi Tian to the beach and told him that Yao Yang is confessing to Ya Ting. Ding Ding told Qi Tian to declare his love if he really like Ya Ting.

CaptureYa Ting confesses to Qi Tian and Qi Tian kissed lightly on her forehead. Ya Ting then knew that Qi Tian also like her and they became a couple. Qi Tian warned Ya Ting that confessing is a guy’s job and she should not do it again anymore. At the same time, the two sad brothers went to a pub and drink and they happened to meet Joan who is drunk.

CaptureYa Ting invited Joan to her house for a dinner with them. The atmosphere is quite weird. Qi Tian and Ya Ting is very lovely-dovely in front of Joan which made her feel quite sad. Ding Ding feel that Qi Tian and Joan knew each other beforehand and asked Qi Tian about it. Qi Tian confesses that Joan is his ex-girlfriend. Ding Ding feel that Qi Tian should tell Ya Ting that Joan is his ex-girlfriend but Qi Tian doesn’t want to.