Angel eyes review


Ku Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan

Soo wan turned blinded after she was involved in an car accident. She fell in love with Dong-joo as he always protected her. She regained her eyesight when Dong joo’s mother donated her cornea to her. They lost contact with each other after Dong joo brought her sister to America for treatment. She decided to become an emergency rescue worker as it is Dong joo’s wish although Soo wan’s father objected her to become one.


Lee Sang-yoon as Park Dong-joo / Dylan Park

Dong joo fell in love with Soo wan when he delivered porridge to Soo wan’s house and saw her memorizing some facts. Since then, he always protected her and they eventually become a couple. Dong joo’s family always treated Soo wan as part of them. 12 years later, With the help of Soo wan’s father, Dong joo became a doctor and came back to Korea to find Soo wan. He was devastated and wanted to return to America upon learning that Soo wan has a boyfriend.

Rating: 8.5/10
A sad yet lovely romance drama that revolve two person. Both of them faces through many difficulties before they can get together. I got to said that the two actors who portrayed as young Soo wan and Dong jun did a great job that kept me to keep watching this drama. Sang yoon who has a sweet and angelic smile never fail to make me smile whenever I see him.


I am currently watching: Angel eyes



I am currently watching Angel eyes. Angel eyes is a weekend drama currently still broadcasting on every Saturday and Sunday. If you have watched Running man, one of the episode is the casts from “Angel eyes”. I seriously think Lee Sang yoon is very handsome whenever he smiles.

This drama is about Yoon Soo-wan and Park Dong-joo were each other’s first loves, but were forced to separate due to painful family circumstances. Soo-wan, who had been blind, eventually undergoes an eye transplant surgery that restores her sight. 12 years later, Dong-joo returned back to Korea to find Soo-wan.

Personally, I like their love story because it is sweet, romantic and how their lives changes because of one incident. Currently, I am half-way through the drama and I really hope that both of them will end up together.