I am currently watching: Angel eyes



I am currently watching Angel eyes. Angel eyes is a weekend drama currently still broadcasting on every Saturday and Sunday. If you have watched Running man, one of the episode is the casts from “Angel eyes”. I seriously think Lee Sang yoon is very handsome whenever he smiles.

This drama is about Yoon Soo-wan and Park Dong-joo were each other’s first loves, but were forced to separate due to painful family circumstances. Soo-wan, who had been blind, eventually undergoes an eye transplant surgery that restores her sight. 12 years later, Dong-joo returned back to Korea to find Soo-wan.

Personally, I like their love story because it is sweet, romantic and how their lives changes because of one incident. Currently, I am half-way through the drama and I really hope that both of them will end up together.


3 days drama review


3 days is a 2014 korean drama that tell about how  Han Tae-kyung protect the South Korea president from dangers. The President of South Korea goes on holiday at a private villa. In the middle of the night, three gunshots are fired, and the president goes missing. His bodyguards, led by elite agent Han Tae-kyung, who has been accused of trying to murder the president, has three days to find the president and escort him safely back to the Blue House to prove his innocent.



 Han Tae-kyung acted by Park Yoochun whose father was the Minister of Economy was involved in an car accident was killed. Tae-kyung was determined to find the truth behind his father death after a police officer who attended his father’s funeral asked Tae-kyung if he had seen a white envelope among the items that his father had left behind. After he was being accused of murdering the president of South Korea, he managed to find the president to prove his innocent. Since then, he strived his best to protect the president from any danger. Using his intelligence and the help of a police officer, he managed to solve all the problems that he had encountered. 




Yoon Bo-won acted by Park Ha-sun first met  Tae-kyung at  Tae-kyung ‘s father funeral. Even though,  Tae-kyung  was accused of murdering the president, she choose to believe that  Tae-kyung  is innocent and helped him. She was suspended from his job as she helped  Tae-kyung  who was a wanted criminal at that day. However, she still joined hand in hand with  Tae-kyung  to protect the president and find evidence against the real criminal. 



Lee Cha-young acted by So Yi-hyun is SWAT team agent and is friend with Tae-kyung. She was the first person who captured Tae-kyung but he managed to run away. After listening to Tae-kyung’s reasoning, she managed to figure out the real criminal and prove that Tae-kyung was innocent. She was knocked down by a car when she get hold of the evidence but managed to wake up to prove that Korea was in danger. 

Ratings: 4.5/5
I believe that there is no police drama that will be uninteresting. This drama is fantastic as there are many twists, making you unable to guess the real criminal in the first place. This show will be better if they show what happen to the president in the end and the romance between Tae-kyung and Bo-won.

Sly and single again review



Ae ra fall in love with  Jung woo while working at her family restaurant. Jung woo was an engineering graduate who is studying to enter civil service. She wants to become a housewife and he promises that she will be, they get married. During their 100th day wedding anniversary, Jung woo announced he has quit from his job and wanted to set up a business.  Jung woo’s businesses keep failing and Ae ra struggles to keep them afloat by working multiple jobs. After suffering a tragic event from the stress of being the sole breadwinner and living in poverty, Ae ra divorces Jung-woo after four years of marriage. 

Ae ra later learn that Jung woo has became a successful businessman and decided to become an intern in his company as she wanted him to apologize to her. But, Jung woo thought that Ae ra wanted to go back to him as he is rich.


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Seung hyun was tutored by Jung woo when he was a high school student and became ‘brother’ with Jung woo. Upon returning to Korea, he gets hired at Jung woo’s company despite his resistance to working a desk job at his father’s company. He hide his real identity to avoid special treatment. He got attracted to Ae ra despite their age gap of 8 years. Seung hyun tried to confess to Ae ra but was stopped by Jung woo as he realized that he still love Ae ra. 

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Seung hyun’s elder sister,  Yeo jin who work as a Director at Jung woo’s company. She nurses painful scars from a past love and hate her father, but falls for Jung-woo because of his warm personality, becoming Ae ra’s rival for his heart. Yeo jin tried to stop Ae ra from accepting Jung woo’s love but Jung woo told Yeo jin that he does not like her. 

Rating 4.3/5
The ending is expected from the start that Ae ra and Jung woo will get back together. There are not much surprises in this show but some laughter though.

Cunning single lady episode 2 recap


 Jung woo went to the police station and clarified it. The victim even congratulated Jung Woo for divorcing with Ae Ra.   


Min young asked Ae ra to thank Jung woo for helping her but they both ended up quarreling and promised not to see each other again.


Yo han asked why didn’t he give Ae ra alimony when they divorced. Jung woo recalled that he wanted to give Ae ra alimony but Ae ra said that he was broke and has no money to give her. Ae ra asked Jung woo not to contact her just to give her alimony and wanted him to quietly disappeared from her life.


That night, Ae ra went to the sauna and overheard a group of aunties’ conversation. Their conversation was about a  couple who divorced and got back together as they realized that their ex-husband/ex-wife was the best. Ae ra started to harbor thoughts about getting back together with Jung woo.


Ae ra was sleeping when she received a text message from Jung woo asking her to meet up with him.


Ae ra dolled herself up to meet Jung Woo. Jung woo gave her alimony and asked her to sign a contract indicating that she has received alimony. Ae ra was so angry that she torn up the contact.


Jung woo contacted Ae ra’s brother and gave him the alimony. Ae ra’s brother took it.


 Yeo jin’s brother, Seunghyun returned back to Korea.


Yeo jin asked Jung woo why did he change the founder day of his company. Jung woo recalled that 3 years ago after his divorce, he went to the sea. Byung joon spotted him and thought that he wanted to suicide. He went to his rescue. Byung joon brought Jung woo to Yeo jin’s house where they first met each other. Yeo jin’s father decided to invest in Jung woo’s company.   



Ae ra’s brother told her that he received the alimony from Jung woo. Ae ra was very angry and wanted to return the money. Ae ra’s brother told her that he was heavily in debts and needed that sum of money to pay them. Ae ra went to find Jung woo and told him to treat that she has received the alimony. Ae ra doubt about the founder day of Jung woo’s company. Jung woo told her that after they got divorced, he received a large investment.

Sly and cunning single lady episode 1 recap


When Ae ra was working at her family’s restaurant, she falls in love with Cha Jung woo, a computer engineering graduate studying to enter civil service. Ae ra purposely broke her brother’s laptop and let Jung woo repaired. They start to date each other. 


Ae ra was happy for Jung woo when he passed the civil service examination.


They eventually got married. Ae ra was living a blissful life as she fulfilled her dream of becoming a housewife.


During their 100th day wedding anniversary, Jung woo told Ae ra that he had quit his job because he had ideas for a business. He asked Ae ra to support him.


However, Jung woo’s businesses keep failing and Ae ra had to work multiple jobs to keep them afloat. One day, she fall sick from fugitive. Unable to live in poverty and keep repaying their debts, they divorced after 4 years of marriage.


4 years later, Ae ra found out from his friend that Jung woo had become a successful businessman. He created an application which is similar to wad-app.  Ae ra could not believe it.


Ae ra complaint to Min young that Jung woo became successful was due to her. One day, Ae ra received her mobile phone bills and realized that her SMS bills was way too expensive and asked Jung woo to create an application that provides free messaging service. Ae ra was upset that Jung woo did not apologized to her after becoming a rich man.


Ae ra promised to attend a matchmaking variety show after an actress decided to back off.


During the matchmaking session, one of the guy bought a gift for Ae ra as the weather was cold. During the interview, Ae ra told the audience that she was happy and did not want to meet a guy like her ex-husband ever again.


Ae ra went on a date with the guy that she met during the matchmaking session.


The guy brought Ae ra to meet his friends. Among them was a middle-aged man.


Ae ra later realized that the matchmaking guy wanted to pair her up with the middle-aged man who has a wife. Ae ra was angry and gave the guy a slap.

Ae ra was sad and went to drink along the roadside stall where she overheard a group of guy conversation that she received alimony from Jung woo monthly and now she even wanted to take the company’s stock. She was so angry that she fought with them and they landed up in the police station.



Ae ra told them that she was Jung woo’s ex-wife but nobody believe her. Min young called Jung woo and asked him to save Ae ra. Jung woo refused to help at first but he still went to the police station. Both of them met each other after 4 years.