You are all surrounded review



You are all surrounded is a 2014 Korean drama. Eun Dae-gu (Lee Seung-gi), Eo Soo-sun (Go Ara), Park Tae-il (Ahn Jae-hyun) and Ji Gook (Park Jung-min) — otherwise known as the P4 — are the new recruits in the violent crimes unit at Gangnam Police Station. These rookies are neither enthusiastic, nor passionate about their new jobs and have joined the crime squad for various reasons. They are led by erratic and hotheaded Seo Pan-seok (Cha Seung-won), who do not like incompetent new recruits and even asked them to resign.





Eun Dae-gu  intelligent and has a photographic memory. He had a painful past. As a young boy, he was named Kim Ji-yong living in Masan with his mother. One day,his mother was murdered in front of his eyes when she attempted to testify as a witness to a crime. To avoid getting killed after being chased by the murderer, he changed his name to Eun Dae-gu and grew up in an orphanage. He eventually becomes a detective to bring his mother’s killer to justice, while spying on his boss Seo Pan-seok, whom he believes conspired with his mother’s killer.


Soo-sun applied seven times before being accepted into the police academy. She is the only female in the new class of officers. Soo-sun and Ji-yong went to the same middle school in Masan, but she initially doesn’t recognize him in his present incarnation as Dae-gu. She eventually fell in love with Dae-gu.


Rating 9/10
Quite a funny detective story with twists at the end of the plot which make you unable to predict the murderer.


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