Sly and single again review



Ae ra fall in love with  Jung woo while working at her family restaurant. Jung woo was an engineering graduate who is studying to enter civil service. She wants to become a housewife and he promises that she will be, they get married. During their 100th day wedding anniversary, Jung woo announced he has quit from his job and wanted to set up a business.  Jung woo’s businesses keep failing and Ae ra struggles to keep them afloat by working multiple jobs. After suffering a tragic event from the stress of being the sole breadwinner and living in poverty, Ae ra divorces Jung-woo after four years of marriage. 

Ae ra later learn that Jung woo has became a successful businessman and decided to become an intern in his company as she wanted him to apologize to her. But, Jung woo thought that Ae ra wanted to go back to him as he is rich.


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Seung hyun was tutored by Jung woo when he was a high school student and became ‘brother’ with Jung woo. Upon returning to Korea, he gets hired at Jung woo’s company despite his resistance to working a desk job at his father’s company. He hide his real identity to avoid special treatment. He got attracted to Ae ra despite their age gap of 8 years. Seung hyun tried to confess to Ae ra but was stopped by Jung woo as he realized that he still love Ae ra. 

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Seung hyun’s elder sister,  Yeo jin who work as a Director at Jung woo’s company. She nurses painful scars from a past love and hate her father, but falls for Jung-woo because of his warm personality, becoming Ae ra’s rival for his heart. Yeo jin tried to stop Ae ra from accepting Jung woo’s love but Jung woo told Yeo jin that he does not like her. 

Rating 4.3/5
The ending is expected from the start that Ae ra and Jung woo will get back together. There are not much surprises in this show but some laughter though.


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