Cunning single lady episode 2 recap


 Jung woo went to the police station and clarified it. The victim even congratulated Jung Woo for divorcing with Ae Ra.   


Min young asked Ae ra to thank Jung woo for helping her but they both ended up quarreling and promised not to see each other again.


Yo han asked why didn’t he give Ae ra alimony when they divorced. Jung woo recalled that he wanted to give Ae ra alimony but Ae ra said that he was broke and has no money to give her. Ae ra asked Jung woo not to contact her just to give her alimony and wanted him to quietly disappeared from her life.


That night, Ae ra went to the sauna and overheard a group of aunties’ conversation. Their conversation was about a  couple who divorced and got back together as they realized that their ex-husband/ex-wife was the best. Ae ra started to harbor thoughts about getting back together with Jung woo.


Ae ra was sleeping when she received a text message from Jung woo asking her to meet up with him.


Ae ra dolled herself up to meet Jung Woo. Jung woo gave her alimony and asked her to sign a contract indicating that she has received alimony. Ae ra was so angry that she torn up the contact.


Jung woo contacted Ae ra’s brother and gave him the alimony. Ae ra’s brother took it.


 Yeo jin’s brother, Seunghyun returned back to Korea.


Yeo jin asked Jung woo why did he change the founder day of his company. Jung woo recalled that 3 years ago after his divorce, he went to the sea. Byung joon spotted him and thought that he wanted to suicide. He went to his rescue. Byung joon brought Jung woo to Yeo jin’s house where they first met each other. Yeo jin’s father decided to invest in Jung woo’s company.   



Ae ra’s brother told her that he received the alimony from Jung woo. Ae ra was very angry and wanted to return the money. Ae ra’s brother told her that he was heavily in debts and needed that sum of money to pay them. Ae ra went to find Jung woo and told him to treat that she has received the alimony. Ae ra doubt about the founder day of Jung woo’s company. Jung woo told her that after they got divorced, he received a large investment.


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