The Master’ Sun episode 11 recap


Joong won told Gong shil that he like her but asked her not to like him.


Both of them held hands together and decided where they should go for their first date. Gong shil is happy that she can finally watch late night movie and going to street markets without being scared. Joong won received a call that the chairman of Giant mall had passed away and they needed to attend his funeral.


Gong shil spotted the chairman of Giant at the funeral. There was rumor going on that the chairman died in a woman’s lap. The chairman wanted Gong shil to hide some secret from his son. Gong shil wanted to visit the vacation house where the chairperson died but Joong won refused to go with her.



Joong won’s uncle and auntie met a lady outside their house. Joong won’s auntie invited her to drink a cup of tea someday.


Giant CEO went to Kingdom for a meeting and happened to meet Gong shil who had sprayed the identical perfume as his father. He asked Gong shil what perfume she had sprayed. Gong shil was unable to remember the brand but she showed him the bottle. The CEO asked if she was the woman that his father had hid. Gong shil said she was not the woman. The CEO was glad that Gong shil was not his father mistress.


Joong won decided to accompany Gong shil to the Giant’s chairman vacation house. The chairman wanted Gong shil to delete the woman’s pictures in the camera. Just then, the chairman’s son back to the vacation house to burn all the items in the room. Joong Won and Gong Shil locked up the door but his son found a bunch of spare keys and is starting to unlock the door. Joong Won called him and asked him to go Kingdom immediately since there was a mistake in the contract.


Gong shil managed to find the picture. The chairperson wanted Gong shil to show the picture to Joong won and decide if they should his son see those pictures. Joong won called his son back and showed the picture to him. It turned out the chairperson disgusted as a woman and wanted to take a picture once before he died.


Joong won went to the dustbin and asked the ghost if Gong shil had received the necklace. The ghost “told” him that Gong shil had received the necklace and she was happy to receive it. Joong won was happy to know it.


Joong won went to find his father and told him that Hee Joo was the culprit. His father also told him that he did give the necklace as a ransom. His father also gave him a stack of postcards and asked him to read if he wanted to. He can asked Kang Woo for more information after reading it.


Joong won asked Secretary kim to buy the books that Gong shil had mentioned. Secretary kim offered the read the books out to him but Joong won wanted the read the books by himself.


Joong won asked Gong shil for a date. Gong shil decided to wear the necklace that Joong won had given to him. Gong shil went to find Joong won and overheard their conversation. Gong shil was so upset that she wanted to go home.



Joong won went to Gong shil’s house to find her. Gong shil pretended that someone has “entered” her body and refused to talk to him. Joong won asked if she knew how he chased the nutcracker lady away. Joong won then kissed her, the same way as he did to chase the nutcracker lady away.


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