Love Around 真愛黑白配 episode 12 recap


Fei Li went to find Jessica and told her that he had bashed up the guy because he refused to admit that he know Jessica. Jessica was shocked to hear it and scolded him because he was just a stranger.  Fei Li told Jessica that he was just kidding as he wanted to know the truth.


Ying Ying told the family that Zhou Zhen looked gloomy after he has visited Xiao Shu’s parents. Zhou Zhen’s father called Xiao Shu’s radio station and invited her over for a dinner.


Zhe Xuan went to find Ying Ying. Ying Ying decided to treat him to a dinner as it was dinner time. Zhe Xuan agreed but one of his clients called and wanted to meet him immediately. Ying Ying decided fainted and Zhe Xuan brought her dinner.


Xiao Shu went to Zhou Zhen’s house. Zhou Zhen’s grandmother was happy to see Xiao Shu.


Zhoue Zhen brought Xiao Shu to his room and taught her to play the guitar.


After dinner, Zhou Zhen’s family together with Xiao Shu went to shop around the night market.


Zhou Zhen send Xiao Shu home before 10pm. Xiao Shu’s parents saw Zhou Zhen sent Xiao Shu home. Zhou Zhen accompanied Xiao Shu upstairs to make sure that she has safely reached home and he went downstairs. Xiao Shu’s mother was praising Zhou Zhen. Zhou Zhen waited downstairs and did not went home immediately. Xiao Shu’s parents went to him and asked why he was waiting. Zhou Zhen knew that Xiao Shu’s parents will be reaching home late therefore he wanted to wait till her parents are back.


Zhou Zhen’s parents decided to treat Xiao Shu’s parents for a lunch. Both parties were shocked to see each other. Xiao Shu’s mother was feeling uncomfortable and they went home without eating.


Zhou Zhen asked his father if he has met Xiao Shu’s parents before but his grandmother kept denying. Zhou Zhen’s father decided to tell his the truth himself instead of hearing it from other people. 14 years ago, Xiao Shu’s father was nabbing Zhou Zhen’s father. Xiao Shu’s father shot Zhou Zhen’s father and Zhou Zhen accidentally hit Xiao Shu’s younger brother. Zhou Zhen’s father was the cause of Xiao Shu’s younger brother’s death.



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