The master’s sun episode 9 recap


Gong shil asked Joong won asked why didn’t he told anyone that Hee Joo was the culprit. Joong won replied that he would say if she was alive but after seeing her dying in front of him, he knew that Hee Joo was a victim also.


Joong won’s father called Kang woo that he would be returning to Korea soon. Kang woo said that he would quit Kingdom immediately since Joong Won knew about it but Joong won’s father asked him to quit after he returned to Korea.


Gong shil met Kang woo and she asked him to follow her. She told him that she can see ghosts but Kang woo did not believe her and thought that she was scaring him only. Gong shil told him that the grandmother had lost a cat recently and the cat was white in colour. Kang woo went to ask the grandmother and her cat recently had died and was really white in colour.


Joong won went to visit Gong shil as he thought that Gong shil would be sad by Kang woo’s incident but instead she was sleeping. She was sleeping soundly until she started to scream. Joong won told the ghost to disappear so that she can sleep properly.


Kang woo could not sleep properly ever since he knew that Gong shil can see ghosts. Kang woo was patrolling around Kingdom and he saw a man suspiciously hiding behind a piano. The man was actually a pianist that Kingdom had hired to perform. Ever since, the pianist’s wife was dead, he refused to play the piano anymore. He even intended to injure his hand so that he does not need to play the piano. The pianist found an opportunity to lie that Kang woo had injured his hand therefore he could not perform.


Joong won bought a sun necklace for Gong shil after he heard from secretary kim that she needed an amulet from Joong won so that she will feel secure.


Gong shil went to Joong won’s house and thought that she knew that he had bought a necklace for her. It turned out that she wanted to borrow an oven from Joong won to bake a pecan pie for the pianist according to his wife recipe.

The pianist went to visit his wife and claimed that he could not perform anymore without his wife beside him.

Gong shil passed the pie to him and told him that his wife had told her how to bake it. Joong won wantes Gong shil to hand over his pen and wanted to give the necklace to her. Gong shil couls not find the pen and run away. Joong won did not have a chance to pass the necklace to her.  Joong won went for his business trip. He happened to pass by a ghost who sit beside the rubbish bin. He placed the necklace over there and asked the ghost to pass the necklace to her. The ghost chased away all the vistors who wanted to sit on the bench.


The pianist happened to hear Gong shil’s conversation with her sister that the ghost will “enter” her body when she got drunk. The pianist let Gong shil drink the wine so that he could see his wife again.


Joong won’s uncle callee Joong won and informed him that Gong shil was behaving strangely and she would even follow the pianist to France. Joong won knew that a ghost has “enter” her body and he rushed back to Kingdom. Capture14

Joong won asked the pianist’s wife to leave Gong shil’s body. The wife claimed that is she left Gong shil’s body, he would never know Gong shil’s feeling. Gong shil the pianist’s wife that she like Joong won but Joong won love another person already.Joong won went to kiss to show his true feeling.


After a week, Gong shil was happy that Joong won had returned from his business trip. She run to find Joong won.Capture16

Joong won’s auntie told Gong shil that Joong won was getting married soon. Gong shil was sad to hear it.


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