Love Around / 真愛黑白配 episode 7 recap


Zhe Xuan confessed to Xiao Shu saying that he like her. He is also willing to give her some time to consider if she really like him.


Ying Ying burned the midnight oil trying to come up with a proposal which can impress his brother.


Zhou Zhen helped Ying Ying with her proposal.


Zhou Zhen finally approved her proposal even though most of the proposal was done by Zhou Zhen.


Zhou Zhen bought a cup of coffee for Xiao Shu and asked if she feeling down but lied to him saying that she has her menses thus explaining her sad expression.


Jessica brought Xiao Shu to a restaurant.


Xiao Shu saw Zhou Zhen’s father and grandmother in the restaurant too and he even booked 3 empty tables resulting in the long queue. Xiao Shu went up to him and asked him to give up his tables to other people but Zhou Zhen’s father refuses. Xiao Shu took a picture of him and posted on their website.


Xiao Shu went back to her radio station and started to scold Zhou Zhen’s father.


Ying Ying wanted Zhe Xuan to be her accountant. He refused to help her and say that he would rather resign to help her.


Ying Ying fainted in front of Zhe Xuan.


The doctor said that Ying Ying fainted due to exhaustion. Zhe Xuan read through Ying Ying’s proposal and praised her that she had came up with a good proposal and he is willing to be her accountant.


Zhe Xuan went to find Xiao Shu and wanted to go home with her. Xiao Shu lied that she is on her way home.  Zhe Xuan happened to see Xiao Shu in front of the office and called her. Xiao Shu rejected Zhe Xuan and hope that they can remain as friends.


Zhou Zhen’s father was angry because of Xiao Shu and Ying Ying is trying her best to cheer him up.


However, Zhou Zhen’s father was not angry because he had promised Zhou Zhen not to harm Xiao Shu’s radio station.


Ying Ying went to Xiao Shu’s radio station to find Zhou Zhen as she wanted money from him to open her shop.


Xiao Shu happened to see Ying Ying and Zhou Zhen and misunderstood them as a couple but Zhou Zhen said that Ying Ying is his younger sister. Xiao Shu and Jessica was embarrassed as they had misunderstood them.


Ying Ying called Zhe Xuan out. Ying Ying wanted to buy clothes and wanted Zhe Xuan to accompany her and her friend to manage her finances.


Zhou Zhen volunteered to drive Xiao Shu up to the mountain to deliver old books and CDs to the kids. Xiao Shu was reluctant to let Zhou Zhen to drive her but Jessica wanted to match them up and asked Zhou Zhen to send Xiao Shu to the school.


Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu played with the kids at the river.



Xiao Shu wanted to buy something and she walked alone while Zhou Zhen will wait for her at the bottom of the mountain. One of the kids went to find Xiao Shu and wanted to give her a present. Suddenly, a car dashed out of no where and knocked down the kids. Jessica called and Xiao Shu told her about the incident. The driver fleed from the scence. Xiao Shu chased after the car and hopped onto the car. The car passed by Zhou Zhen’s car but he did not managed to see Xiao Shu. Luckily, Jessica called Zhou Zhen.


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