Happy 300 days ep 15 recap (last episode)


Xiao Xin Fu does not eat her lunch as she wants to eat the spaghetti that her father had cooked for before. She also asked Ya Ting when will her father come and visit her. Ya Ting told her that her father won’t be coming today.

Ya Ting’s mother and Yao Yang feel sad for Xiao Xin Fu as she had been waiting at the door for her father for the past few days.


Qi Tian finally came back and Xiao Xin Fu was happy but the rest was shocked to see him. He promised Xiao Xin Fu that he won’t leave her again.


They had their dinner together. After dinner, Ya Ting bring Xiao Xin Fu to clean up a room for Qi Tian. Ya Ting’s mother warned Qi Tian not to bully her daughter any more. Yao Yang is also angry with Qi Tian and refused to let Qi Tian eat the food that he had cooked.


The next morning, Yao Yang is angry with Ya Ting’s mother that they had forgive Qi Tian that easily. He also said that he is unable to forgive Qi Tian and said that Qi Tian is not even Xiao Xin Fu’s father. His words were heard by Xiao Xin Fu. She dashed out upon hearing it.


Ya Ting is sad when Xiao Xin Fu could not understand her. Qi Tian came to console her.


Qi Tian asked Xiao Xin Fu to carry a bag and followed him then he will bring Xiao Xin Fu to find her real father. Half way through, Xiao Xin Fu feel tired and rested. Qi Tian told her that while Ya Ting was pregnant, she had to carry a much heavier load and she had to carry all day long and no one could help her.


Xiao Xin Fu finally understand her mother and told her not to cry.


Qi Tian and Ya Ting wanted to hold each other hand. Qi Tian almost touched Ya Ting’s hand but she took her hand away at the last minute.Capture9

Qi Tian met up with his two brothers and asked them for forgiveness. Yao Yang said that if Ya Ting forgive him then they will forgive him.  too. Both Ya Ting and Qi Tian think that after rejecting twice, they are unable to said it out again. Ya Ting’s mother and Yao Yang suggested that they should use actions then. Both suggested that they injured themselves and let the other party concerned him/her.


Ya Ting’s mother was about to push Ya Ting down from the stairs and asked her to pretend that she had lost her memories then they heard Qi Tian’s screaming.


Yao Ting said that Qi Tian had fell down from second level. Qi Tian pretended that he had lost his memories. The doctor lied to Ya Ting that Qi Tian had injured his head therefore they need to be mentally prepared. Ya Ting begin to worry about Qi Tian. Ya Ting’s mother suggested that Ya Ting should bring Qi Tian to a place that was full of their memories.


Ya Ting bought Qi Tian to the beach and they begin to reminisce their past. The both of them finally begin a couple again.  Capture13

Ya Ting’s mother hosted their wedding and revealed that Ya Ting is pregnant again. Xiao Xin Fu has a younger to sibling to play with.


Xiao Xin Fu participated in a competition as she wanted to win a present for her younger sibling. Qi Tian participated with her so that they could win the first place together.


Ya Ting begin to shout that Qi Tian is husband and became agitated. Her facial expression being to change. She was going to give birth.


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